The Pet Cafe

I love pets. I had my first pet when I was 19 years old, and he was a sweet, stubby dog. We could only guess that our precious Popert was part Dalmatian, because of his black and white spots, and part something else. His built reminded me of a Welsh Corgi, and that was how I got introduced to that specific breed.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men

If I had to choose one Japanese dish to eat forever, it would have to be ramen. As a matter of fact, I indulged in the different flavored ramen offered by the local Japanese restaurants in Manila. But one thing I have never tried before was tsukemen, which was another way to eat ramen. Luckily I was told about Mitsuyado Sei-Men: House of Tsukemen in Makati. I did not know what to expect but I was briefed that the restaurant was styled like a street in Japan. Similar to what I have done in my previous restaurant visits, I had to wear something that would suit the place. Since I did not bring my sewing machine with me, I decided to go for a simple Wa Lolita coordinate. I hand-sewn a red kimono top and paired it with a petticoat as my skirt.

UCC Park Cafe

Sometimes I just really need that quick cup of comfort in a laid back cafe to end a rather stressful day! Having UCC Park Cafe in the neighborhood where I stayed in the Philippines made life so convenient. It was my go-to for my favorite iced coffee, Kori Kohi.

Action Planner

We are experiencing El NiƱo storms in California so I was happy to receive this planner and work on it during this rainy day! It is the 2016 Action Coloring Planner from Action Agendas, which I purchased from Amazon.