Things I Learned Going Back to College

It seems that I am best able to express myself after attending a 4 hour hands-on training in my video production class every Wednesday. Once again, I write with a throbbing headache but something about the little suffering allows me to reflect more. It has just been two months since I became a full-time student with a very, very part time job. But it already feels like I have been doing this for a long time now.

Walk Away from What You Love

Or, to be true to the essence of this post, "What I have been learning from temporarily walking away from what I love".

The Summer I Sought Myself

My friend Heather dropped me home after class today. We were talking about the dresses I made, the idea of "dress up", and consequently, the transformative aspect of this activity. Before I left, she asked me if I ever wondered how it would be to become someone else.