King Tut Tour

This summer break I managed to come close to a childhood dream! I have long marveled over ancient Egypt, particularly about its most popular personality, King Tutankhamun. At last, I was able to behold a few of the most prized treasures from the tomb of the Golden Pharaoh in our visit to the California Science Center.

I have known about the King Tut Tour since last year, and have been wanting to go! After I finished my summer class, my boyfriend planned to take us to the exhibit. I knew it would be a special day, so I considered wearing something that would go well with the theme, and I thought about donning on my Mummy Lolita ensemble. However, I was also wanting to do something else, something I have always wanted to do --- matching couple outfits, a fun his and hers fashion! While browsing through Etsy, I stumbled upon not only the most beautiful ancient Egypt print fabric, but also the perfect buttons to go along with it. I just had to push through with the idea!
As expected, I was still working on the outfits the night before our visit. I did not have enough time to think of a matching headpiece, and in the morning of, I just could not manage to put my hair into a bun! I decided to wear it down and long, and went on to enjoy the day. What a memorable adventure it was!

I was beyond enthralled to finally be in the same room with something as ancient as the artifacts from King Tut's tomb. (If you are wondering about the mummy, it is not allowed to leave Egypt as it is already in a most fragile state.) And while the death mask was also missing, I felt that the exhibit was successful in telling the story not only of the Golden Pharaoh's tomb and its treasures, but also his journey to the after life.

And while I was not able to take photos of our outfits in the location, I was glad that visitors appreciated our fashion! We were stopped for photos, and were even asked if we worked for the exhibit. Oh how I wished so!

I have never really kept a bucket-list, but I am certain the kid me would have been so giddy with glee! I look back on how much I cherished this book on ancient Egypt, which I have had for 13 years now. I have had it since I was still living in the Philippines, and it simply feels so surreal to have come face to face with artifacts I thought I would only see as illustrations in the book.

I still hold on to hope that I would one day pursue some form of archeology, or any related field, like working in a museum. That said, I was able to help out one particular museum, the Blas Aguilar Adobe, when I filmed a promo video for them last semester. I am looking forward to doing similar projects soon, especially now that I am in the documentary production class. I think some dreams simply never die, but are just reborn to match one’s current reality.

But before I go back to working behind the camera, here is a fun photoshoot featuring our King Tut Tour outfits!

I decided on a simple hairbow with gold trimming as my headpiece! And since I still could not fix my hair into a bun (it is the longest it has ever been, and I have always had it long), I ended up braiding it and wrapping it around my head. I want to practice some more, though I think this hairstyle worked well with the outfit! 

I was pleasantly surprised when Aleck mentioned how a skinny, gold tie would have been perfect with the vest. I have been thinking the same thing! I wish I had either antique or harvest gold fabric with me for this! Though I do feel that with just his look alone, glasses and hair, he brought his own spunk to this ensemble. That said, I am excited to plan more matching outfits with him!

I told Aleck not to smile for the pictures because I wanted to do a serious and sophisticated take on our portraits but deep down, I was beyond delighted that we were doing the shoot together! I would like to believe that my understanding of relationships has grown a bit, and now I have realized how important it is for me to be able to share my happiness, what makes me happy, with someone. He indulges me in my dress up ideas, and I enjoy his fun commentaries on his must watch movies. I have yet to play Undertale, and I feel it would happen when I need to take a breather from school and work, though right now we both enjoy Pokemon Quest. Of course, I have had more shinies than him, teehee.

I go back to school this week! While the summer break was short, it definitely has been the sweetest, especially since I was able to sew something new, fulfill a childhood dream, and share adventures with my significant other. I might be taking a break from sewing, once again, but would still be in my creative space, this time, in documentary production!

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