Christmas in July

We are more than halfway through 2018 now. So much has changed in a span of a few months. I am glad to be able to live each day with intention, both for personal growth and happiness. This post is basically a "life lately" entry to share about these things that have been making me happier.

Novashe Bikini from Cyril Lumboy on Vimeo.

While it is the simplest item in the list, this bikini from Novashe helped me remain consistent with my fitness goals. I know myself enough to acknowledge that looking good has always contributed to feeling good, and it feels so much better when I am able to work hard for it. And of course, I paired it with my diet, which I have also improved by adding a few things.

I have recently found out about bone broth and collagen to help with my gut health. I will leave it up to you to research more about it, though from personal experience, I have been feeling more energetic by having the broth (mixed with the collagen powder) as part of my main meal. Additionally, I believe I have found my magic potion (of sorts) when it comes to bloating - aojiru. I have the young barley grass from Yakult, and not only has it improved digestion, but it has overall kept my tummy feeling well.

In April, I had a challenging time dealing with cystic acne. Since I was already doing the Korean skincare routine, maintaining a good diet, working out regularly, and drinking enough water, I could not figure out what was causing it. I thought it was hormonal so I spent May and the first week of June just managing my breakouts and rushing to lighten the scars with Maxipeel (tretinoin and hydroquinone formula). I ended up with dry, irritated, and peeling skin. That was when I decided to re-order the Hada Labo Goku-Jyun toner thinking I might need to moisturize my skin more. I used the product before so I was hoping it could help again. And it did! I believe now that over-drying my skin might have triggered my cystic acne, and it became a vicious cycle. Of course, I wanted to see if I could incorporate the other lines from the same brand, and it resulted in me switching to Hada Labo for my skincare. I am still finishing my remaining Korean brands, but with Hada Labo, I have narrowed down the steps to 4: cleanser - toner - milk - sunscreen.

On other news, I am very excited to share that my Venus Flytrap plants, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, have been thriving! In Jackie's pot, there is a growth that has kept me curious for some time now (since February). Summer has helped by providing more sunlight, and I am hoping it is another carnivorous plant (as most of them grow in sphagnum moss, the potting mix). Jet Li has clearly been busy with his scrumptious, protein-packed bugs!

Aside from my plants, I have been around people too! I am not one to talk much about my personal life, though recently I have been noticing how trying out new things yielded to better experiences. I have always been a relationship person, not because I needed someone to make me happy, but because I feel I am at my best when I could share my life and have someone share theirs with me.

I would like to believe I have been doing well with school and work, and that things could get even better now that there is another layer of meaning to what I do. So here's to hoping, always hoping for the best! (And of course, he gave me one of the most adorable trinkets now in my possession!)

Undertale: Locket Music Box from Cyril Lumboy on Vimeo.

We recently crossed off an item from our list; Jollibee is certainly just the beginning!

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