Strawberry Moon

This year my birthday falls in time for the Strawberry Moon. I have not sewn in a while so I was very excited to make my birthday dress. This also meant being able to use fabrics I have hoarded for so long.
This is the second two piece dress set that I made, with the first one being a floral organdy number, which I have worn so many times! For this dress, I wanted to pay homage to the Strawberry Moon with this lovely red dotted Swiss fabric. While I am not superstitious, folklore has always been an interest (well, I was an anthropology major), and I was delighted that the upcoming full moon marked the ripening of wild strawberries.
If I am not making dolly-inspired dresses for dolldelight, this style is certainly something I love to keep recreating and wearing. We have the June gloom right now, but since California has its perpetual summer heat, this feels comfortable to wear outdoors. I matched the outfit with block heels sponsored by Novashe.

I haven't had a project I wanted to finish so excitedly in a while; I am hoping this new outfit gets me back into the momentum. I initially wanted to make it simple, but I had fun gathering the fabric and ended up attaching a lot of ruffles! Though my favorite detail would have to be the braided straps reminiscent of this Novashe "shibari" inspired bikini. I am looking forward to reviewing it, and sharing my workout routine to add to my existing diet post.

I was wanting to write a more introspective entry especially as I move on to another year. But I think I'll wait after I celebrate my birthday with friends and family. I did get myself an ouroboros ring, a snake that eats its own tail, from Down to the Wire Designs to remind myself of continuous renewal, and of how both past and present, life and death, are always connected. It helps that I was born in the Chinese calendar's Year of the Snake. But what drew me to this particular design is how the snake tails resemble the Cancerian glyph of crab claws.

I promise I am not superstitious. But I find that it is beneficial to keep jewelry that meant something to me. My moonstone ring has been helpful in reminding me to be true to myself. And in the grand scheme of things, I believe it is always up to you to give your life its meaning.

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