Anime Pasadena

And just like that, what I believed to be the busiest month in the first half of the year has come and passed. It has been quite a while since I took a hiatus in doing fashion shows, as I decided to focus on school this year. And though it was scheduled around the time of my finals, I certainly am glad I was able to attend Anime Pasadena.

I owe it to Steph for drawing me out of my white room, and back into the convention community, even for a bit. It has been fun to run into familiar faces, though I must admit to a slight embarrassment of not being able to recall names! On the other hand, I felt a bit of joy being remembered as dolldelight, and having fellow attendees appreciate my designs... which was the same collection I debuted in Pacific Media Expo in the same venue, Pasadena Convention Center, in 2015.
I did start a new collection for the convention, but I just had to choose school and be realistic with the time I had. I ended up finishing one new dress set to add to the original collection. That said, now I know how six months of preparation is not enough if you are enrolled into 24 units! However, I must say that everything went well. Steph was right in planning and managing a chill environment for the fashion show. It was the perfect setting to meet new models, and catch up with old friends!

It was a pleasure working with the sweetest girls, Gia, Ada, and Cathy, who signed up as volunteers for the fashion show. I am always happy to see new faces wear my designs! These three darlings frequent the cosplay scene, so I knew walking the runway would be a piece of delicious cake for them! And, speaking of sweets, it was such a treat being reunited with the real life doll Odette, who has been so supportive of The Doll Life, and the lovely dentist Ava, who also modeled for me during PMX 2015. That was three years ago, and we were but children then, haha! :)

Ava flew all the way from NorCal, and we just picked up right where we left off, except this time she had more dentist stories to share! I had her wear Lavender Loveliness (I really should update that name), which is my try at an OTT (over the top) design, while also experimenting how creative I could get with a very limited yardage of the fashion fabric, and a stash of lavender and lilac tulle and trims! While I usually go for darker colors, I liked the softness of the entire outfit. Though I do plan to edit the fit, and the matching accessory, ones I feel well-rested.

When I confirmed attendance for Anime Pasadena, I knew it would be the event with which I would gauge my feelings about doing more fashion shows. And I did miss the dress up and all the frilly fun! More than that, it rekindled my interest in dolly fashion, while also inspiring me to try my hand at a few new things. Coming up is a DIY on floral shoes, especially since I have been wanting to make and have ones that could match my dresses well. Here is to hoping it does not take me months (yet again) to post it!

Special thanks to Gothic Lolita Wigs for all the wigs used in every dolldelight fashion show and event!  

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