Flytrap Store Review

Let me tell you a bit about my childhood.

I have always been the odd one out in the family. I knew this early on because my parents often wondered where I inherited my temperament. Now, if could go back in time and whisper to my younger self, I would say to her that my father would inspire in me self-learning, and my mother patience, but that I have my books to account for my curiosity.

I appreciate all that I have read so far and I know there would be more. However, there is one book I deeply cherish. My godfather gifted me 500 Questions and Answers when I was seven, and I fell in love. Each page was a delight, not only because of the colorful illustrations, but more importantly, for the tidbits that told me so much about the world.

I trace most of my interests all the way back to this book. One of things that I remember are carnivorous plants, specifically the pitcher plant and Venus flytrap. And this year, I am beginning my collection of flytraps from the Flytrap Store.

Venus flytraps are easily one of the most interesting species in the plant kingdom, and you could find a wealth of information on them online. Here are a few items from Flytrap Care:

❀ Charles Darwin considered it as "one of the most wonderful plants in the world".
❀ Some botanists once called it "tipitiwitchet" or "Tippity Twitchet" as it resembled the human vagina.
❀ Its more elegant scientific name, Dionaea muscipula, was partly a homage to the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, who also went by as Dionaea (daughter of Dione, the Titaness). She was known as Venus in Roman mythology.
❀ The trap snaps faster than the blink of an eye. It does not crush its prey but drowns it first, before disintegrating it with digestive enzymes.
❀ Though there are quite a number of varieties and cultivars, flytraps in the wild are considered vulnerable due to poaching.

On a personal level, I love VFT's because they deviate from the passive image associated with plants. And thanks to science, this plant now comes with a variety of captivating characteristics. This should explain why I just had to get two unusual flytraps from the Flytrap Store!

❀ Ordering starter plants online was easy breezy.
❀ Shipping took 1 day from order placement.
❀ Delivery from Oregon to SoCal took 3 business days via USPS Priority Mail.
❀ Both plants were packaged properly.
❀ Plant care sheet was easy to understand.
❀ Both plants are healthy in their dormancy.

Schuppenstiel I, "scary stalk" in German, came in less scary and more cutesy. However I did notice the rough scaling on the leaves.

It was also interesting how the trap on the right was somewhat misshapen. Maybe I should stick on some googly eyes, so it could resemble Carnivine. Hmmm.

Notice the long teeth on this one (especially before you move on to the next plant)! The store advertises how the teeth and interiors could develop a bright red color. I honestly can't wait to see that!

How can a monster plant be this adorable? Coquillage, French for "shell", is missing all the ferocious "fangs" of Schuppenstiel. That said, it also looks to be a healthy baby plant!

Is it me, or do some of the traps look like they are happy, while the others, hungry?

While I should have researched more about the size of these starter plants, I am very pleased with my order. Both of them are healthy, and I look forward to warmer weather when they could begin thriving. In the meantime, I'll be enjoying the company of baby monster plants, Jet Li (Schuppenstiel) and Jackie Chan (Coquillage). Thank you Jam, for the fun name suggestion!

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