Keeping the Weight Off

Today is the day before Thanksgiving, which I consider the start of festive feasting as we make our way through all the remaining holidays of the year. I thought I'd share a few of my tried and tested habits when it comes to keeping off the weight, especially when food is just about everywhere! I do love eating, so hopefully this helps with fellow foodies out there.

Quick disclaimer! This post is meant to share my personal experience. You should check with your general physician/nutritionist/dietician before you follow anything from the Internet. However, I do know that we have a wealth of information available in the web, so research is always a good first step.

This is the simplest trick in the book. Drink lots of water! I regularly begin my day with two glasses of room temperature water. Then I just spread the remaining 6-8 glasses throughout the day, up until an hour before bedtime. This does not only keep me hydrated, but prevents me from unnecessarily snacking. I have also found sipping water after a heavy meal to help with the uncomfortable bloated feeling. 

Welp, this goes to my list of what not to eat. I have been actively avoiding sugar since the start of November. When I returned to school, I found myself snacking on sweets a lot. It became my reward whenever I finished a homework. But the tricky part with sugar is it easily builds up into an addiction. I could remember how I would finish a bag of Lindt White Chocolates in one seating. And with Thanksgiving, we seem to have an endless supply of pecan pie at home. It has taken a lot of self-control not to get to back to my habit of having a slice or two with my black coffee. I have experienced first hand how my mood fluctuated throughout the day when I was on a sugar-binge, and I decided I don't want anymore of that! For me to properly wean myself off, I cut all the sugar that I could, along with the caffeine. And I could really tell the difference in terms of mood, and energy level. 

Intermittent Fasting
This one you would have to thoroughly research on your own AND ask your doctor! I have been on IF with 16 hours fasting and 8 hours eating window for two years now, but I had to build up towards where I am at, and if you are going to do it, you should read as much as you could, consult with your doctor, and take it slow! 
To be honest, it is the one consistent thing I have done, apart from my regular water consumption, that has always helped me maintain my waistline, or at the very least, keep me from gaining too much weight. Usually when you say fasting, people imagine starving. I would never agree to starving yourself for whatever reason. It is just plain punishment, one that is physically, mentally, and emotionally unhealthy! So how do I differentiate it with fasting? Simple --- fasting means I have a schedule to follow when it comes to eating. I just need to wait, and while I wait, I could drink my water. Then I get to enjoy as much food as I want as long as it is within my daily calorie intake!

Portion Control Pants
My friends know how much I don't like wearing pants but sometimes they are the best piece of clothing to wear when you are anticipating a holiday feast. I keep a pair of comfortable and flattering pants, ones that I feel I look my best when worn at a certain weight/shape. Again, I need to emphasize comfort and how good you feel wearing them, and you need to remember all this when eating. I make a mental note on how I should enjoy the food while at the same time maintaining what feels good to me. Though it is not really so much about how tight the pants get if you overeat, that in itself obviously helps!

At this point, I want to be honest with you that I have not done any exercise, even cardio, for about 4 months now. So this is a combination of all the efforts I shared above. But I do intend to hit the gym once I finish the semester. 

One other question that I know is bound to be brought up is whether or not I photoshop my images. I don't. I do take my photos at my most flattering angle though. Simply put, there is no point sharing what I think works for me if I was just going to shop the results. As with anything in my life, I always want the real thing! 

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