A Sweet Remembrance

I find that people often ask me what I do with the dresses I make.

When I started in late 2010, it wasn't difficult for me to sell them once people offered to purchase. But things changed. Now I shy away whenever people would inquire how much I'm selling so and so.

Fortunately, whenever I had to part with a dress, it often ended up in the hands of my most trusted friends. And knowing my dresses are with the people I know gives me great comfort. I remain connected to the dress, and I get to "see" them again when my friends tag me in their photos.

In the process of cataloguing my collection, I realized how my dresses all have their own memories now! This specific dress, Cupcakery, reminded me of my adventures in dress up.

I made this dress for a TV guesting at Kababayan Today in 2014. That same year I traveled to the Philippines and held my first fashion show after 3 years of being away. My kawaii friend Miaow modeled it for the UP AME event. It also experienced a high fashion treatment when Jaro photographed it on beauty queen Catherine during the Artisano Studio Photoshoot.

True enough, it was very much part of my reality TV show, The Doll Life. It was one of the dresses presented during the LVL UP Expo fashion show, the highlight of the finale episode which aired in 2015.

It is fun to think that this dress has lived its own life, traveled cities and countries, and met different models and audiences. And I hope it gets to see more of this world as I share how much fun it is to dress up! In the meantime, I cherish it as a reminder of my most favorite memories, when I stayed and reconnected with my life in the Philippines.

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