Lavender Loveliness

School has started to get hectic, especially since I enrolled in four more online classes that require extensive reading. I also feel a bit more tired on Wednesdays because it is the day of my video production class. But I really want to keep blogging on a regular basis.
This is why I am considering writing simple sewing posts as WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday. It would be mostly visual, like the one I will be sharing below. I am not really descriptive when it comes to my sewing, but let's give it a try!

These fabrics have been sitting in my storage since mid 2016. I have actually cut and sewn the bodice with the fashion fabric back in February this year but it has taken me time to work on the skirt. I could not find the right color of lining fabric that would result into the lavender of the fashion fabric once overlayed with the soft tulle. I resorted to using the light purple above as lining for the four layers of soft tulle. 

I am not the biggest fan of light purple/lavender, or anything pastel for that matter, but I have been wanting to use these vintage organdy trims, especially as the skirt design I had in mind was quite simple. I thought I would dress it up a bit with ruffles that alternated between diagonal stripes and polkadots.   

I made the ruffles by adjusting my machine's tension to 10 and stitch length to the highest setting. I had to manually adjust and spread out the gathers. It is always time consuming to do this but I do love the outcome! I went ahead and pinned them to my tulle layer. I even went as far as sew them on but, I ended up ripping all of the sewn layers and undoing the gathers... All that work thrown out of the window! But I wanted to serge one of the edges for a nice and clean finish. When something about my sewing bothers me and I could feel it could bother me enough to keep me from sleeping, I just automatically take my seam ripper and get it done. 

It was the second day when I resumed serging, gathering, pinning, and sewing everything back onto the tulle layer. It took me a couple of days to get all of that done. In hindsight, I realized I wasn't paying that much attention to my work as I have not been motivated enough to finish this dress. It was not the color I wanted. I have been preparing for autumn and instead, I wanted to get some red and orange dress made. I guess I just felt guilty for postponing work on this dress for so long. 

I thought I would be satisfied having all these ruffles sewn onto the skirt. But something was still missing! I initially wanted this to be a longer dress than my usual knee-length, but I decided to trade the length for some decorative pleats. These are simple to sew but they make for such lovely details! 

After about 3 or 4 days of intermittent sewing (some days I was really slow!), I finally finished the skirt. It was late in the evening and I thought I could end the day with my other favorite part of garment construction, pressing! I crave the instant gratification from seeing everything ironed down nicely and neatly. The organdy ruffles were cute and crisp. The horizontal pleats looked darling!

But alas! I am truly such a moody seamstress. As the days have been more downcast and perfect for shooting outdoors lately, I decided I should get started on my autumn dress. Once again, I have taken a break from all the lavender loveliness. I know I am so close to finishing it though, and I hope that that is motivation enough to bring it out when I am done with the autumn piece. 

It is so different when I work on something I like. The autumn dress, which started as a sheer dress below, is almost finished. I have only been working on it for a couple of days. I can't wait to share it with you soon!

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