Cafe L'Noyer

Cafe L'Noyer celebrates an all natural and handmade approach to food. Their meals are prepared from scratch, just as their baked goods are made in small batches. It is a cute and cozy cafe located in Mission Viejo, California. And as I just recently got back to school, it has now become my new favorite study area.
I started school back in August, and on the first day I had the chance to explore the strip mall close to the community college. I wanted to grab lunch before I head home. I found myself enjoying the food, and at the same time, the ambiance of Cafe L'Noyer. I just can't help myself but adore its lovely rustic mixed with a bit of shabby chic decor. 

When I visited, there were only a couple of customers in the cafe. A handful of curious passers-by eventually walked in, and even asked about the cafe. I found out that it just opened last February. Like them, they were surprised to have this cute little nook replace what was then a US Military recruitment center. 

I always feel a bit overwhelmed looking at the menu of a place I have never dined in before. But I was certain I was craving for pie! The cafe offered a good variety of baked goods, and tartines, a food  item I wasn't familiar with. I ended up getting a savory pie, the Mac N Cheese, and a glass of lemon iced tea. 

The Mac N Cheese pie was an instant favorite! I loved the flaky crust, and of course, the cheese! It had a simple and comforting taste. Since I enjoyed it a lot, I decided to try one of their sweet pies. I was recommended the Strawberry Rose Cream. 

I have mentioned in my previous food posts how I like desserts that were not too sweet. The Strawberry Rose Cream pie had a light, refreshing taste. Both the strawberry and rose flavors were noticeable, while the sweetness was so slight. I was not able to finish the sweet pie since I was full from the Mac N Cheese pie. However, I would describe both pies as snacks. I am just used to eating small portions. Finally, the lemon iced teas was a perfect way to cleanse the palate.

I had such a lovely stay during my first visit that I decided to eat there again within the same week. This time I tried one of their tartines, which I learned were open-faced sandwiches. They recommended this to me before, so I went ahead and ordered the Smoked Salmon, with a side of tomato soup. Again, it was a delicious meal! I found it to be a good option for brunch.

At the time of the visit, I was able to meet the owner, who worked the kitchen herself, alongside two cafe staff. There was a bit of a wait time for my order pick-up. But if you enjoy hanging out at cute cafes, this shouldn't be a problem. Check out my mini tour inside the cafe in the video below: 

Cafe L'Noyer
28181 Marguerite Pkwy #21 
Mission Viejo, CA 92692, USA
Tel. No. +1 949-415-5315

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