I would always love over-the-top fashion but I have found myself drawn to a minimalist style lately.
I don't know if I am getting old, and just a bit tired to do an elaborate look with the frilliest and poofiest of dresses, or if I am just trying to survive summer in California right now but, I have not had the chance nor will to dress up full dolly style. That said, I still enjoy wearing dresses! Fortunately I was contacted by Zan.Style to sample their collection. I decided to pick out pieces that were cute and comfy, and limited my choice to white and pastel colors.

Everything came in nicely packaged. As I have been used to receiving clothing from China-based sponsors, I was expecting the pieces to have this factory smell. But they didn't. Upon closer inspection, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the garment construction. There were no loose threads that needed snipping. The seams were straight, and the edges neatly finished. The inside was as clean as the outside!

While I hardly wear t-shirts, I really liked the available colors and assorted necklines of their tee collection. I chose a Half Button T Shirt in 2XL Yellow (it doesn't look like the right size, but I will get to that later), and a Split Neck T Shirt in S Light Green. Both shirts were soft to the touch and felt comfy. The 5% spandex also made them a little bit stretchy. The shirts were simple but definitely of better quality compared with those carried by popular ready-to-wear brands. If you are the type who loves going casual with t-shirts, then these ones by Zan.Style are a good addition to your closet. By the way, a Slit Crew Neck T Shirt of your size and color choice is up for grabs in this giveaway!

I have always wanted a white denim skirt, but I could never find one that fit me. To be honest I wanted to skip getting this Button A Line Mini Skirt in S White, but I thought I would just grab a belt for a better fit. Though not pictured, I did exactly that. In the end, I figured I could do away with the belt, and it still have it look good on me.

Now back to the sizing issue of both t-shirts. I wanted to get the Half Button T Shirt in 2XL Yellow so I could do an oversized look together with the belted skirt. Unfortunately it does not appear bigger next to the Split Neck T Shirt S Light Green. I went ahead and checked the size chart of the shirt, and saw that it corresponded with my own flat measurement. When comparing sizes S to 2XL, it could be observed that the increase was not significant. All the sizes were so close to each; only the bust measurement changed. It is then safe to say that while Zan.Style offers up to 2XL, this should not be confused as plus size. And looking at how the S fit almost the same as the 2XL, the brand is best for petite frames. However, what it lacks in sizing availability, it certainly makes up in quality. Case in point is this neatly finished neckline!

As for the skirt, I like the staystitch on the frayed hem in the front. The rest of the skirt is neatly finished with a turned under hem.

Just like the skirt, I wasn't sure with this Sleeveless Dress in S White. I was thinking of layering on the Split Neck T Shirt in S Light Green over it since I usually don't like wearing sleeveless. But I need to edit that look first!

I love how crisp this dress is! It even has a longer back, and yes, functional pockets! The only downside is that it is slightly sheer, and having this on in a well-lit place would partly reveal your underwear.

Again, I love the professionally done finish, including on the pockets themselves.

This Open Shoulder Dress, which is also one of the giveaway prizes, is definitely one of my favorites! It is a simple striped pullover dress, but neatly symmetrical. The website describes it as button front closure and while it is perfectly aligned between two white strips, this is only decorative, and not functional. Additionally, I love the details of the sleeves. You could pull up the ties through the casings and create a gathered look.

Finally, this Off Shoulder Dress in XS Blue is my top pick! I love anything that has frills, and the little bit of ruffles/gathering balances this otherwise simply striped number. Of course, there is a bit of sweetness with the ribbon ties that make for the trendy cold shoulder look.

Looking closely, notice how the dart is topstitched. I think it adds to the dainty details of this dress, and an overall high quality look.

If you have read up to this point, then you know I  mentioned a giveaway sponsored by Zan.Style

The prizes include:
Open Shoulder Dress of your color and size
Slit Crew Neck T Shirt of your color and size

I will announce the winner on September 1 2017, and Zan.Style will send the prizes to our two lucky winners all for free. Goodluck!

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