Unicorn Dream Cafe

My visit to the Philippines was short, but certainly sweet! 

I was invited to Baguio to be a guest judge for this local convention called Anicraze 5. Good thing that at the time of my visit, a new unicorn themed cafe just opened up in the city. Of course, I had to check it out, especially since I have always wanted to go to Thailand's Unicorn Cafe.

That day I had to wake up early for a 4 hour drive from Taguig to Baguio so I was a little tired to do a complete look. We arrived at the Unicorn Dream Cafe a little after lunch. I brought the Fairy Galaxy seifuku set that I made as it somewhat matched the decor. As a finishing touch, I put on a matching unicorn horn made available by the cafe for its curious patrons.

If you are planning to visit, it's good to know the following:

❀ Be ready to take a lot of pictures as it's definitely an Instagram-worthy spot.
❀ The cafe opens from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. It gets packed in the afternoon.
❀ Contact the cafe via Facebook for directions.
❀ Street parking is limited. Better to book an Uber and be dropped off.
❀ The cafe is located in the ground floor of a building. Walk inside and look to your left.
❀ It could potentially get warm inside as more people come, so wear something comfy.
❀ It is definitely a dessert place, so be ready for some sugar rush!
❀ Milkshakes are pretty decent-sized, but it's easy to get full with all the toppings.
❀ Bathroom is shared with the rest of the building.

The mural was definitely eye-candy! Viewed outside, it makes the cafe a standout spot in the building. It makes for a cute and colorful backdrop should you want to take selfies and #ootds. Even the chairs are fit for a pastel princess!

The desserts come as cute as the cafe! The ones available in our visit were supplied and produced by Happy Marco's Kitchen, now Seareniabay Cafe. They even served me one that matched my colors!

It was one of those times where the food was too pretty to eat. We also had these colorful cupcakes that contained surprise sprinkles! If you are a sucker for sweets, this would definitely be a treat! Just don't forget to drink some water to better enjoy the desserts.

If you are like me who gets easily addicted to sugar (and would like to cut back) you could sample a part of the menu by getting the milkshakes. I had the melon flavor and it was not as sweet as the others, namely chocolate and strawberry. Of course, you have to control yourself from eating all of the candy toppings!

Special thanks to Kate and the Unicorn Dream Cafe staff for being such generous hosts! All photos were taken by Neko Shie of Stray Cat Photography.

Unicorn Dream Cafe
Marandnest Dormitory
Upper Bonifacio St corner J. Sumulong St 
Baguio, Benguet Philippines 2600
Contact No. +63 905 100 4456

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