The Pet Cafe

I love pets. I had my first pet when I was 19 years old, and he was a sweet, stubby dog.

We could only guess that our precious Popert was part Dalmatian, because of his black and white spots, and part something else. His built reminded me of a Welsh Corgi, and that was how I got introduced to that specific breed. If there was such a thing as first love when it came to pets, he definitely was mine. And like any first love or love for that matter, he gave me my first, and one and only, heartbreak. He suddenly passed away while I was living in California. And I admit, nothing has ever hurt me quite as much as my failed promise to him. I was saving up to bring him over him, but he left too soon.

I have never really gotten close to another pet after him. But what I had with Popert encouraged in me a general love for pets, especially dogs. When I first heard about pet cafes in the Philippines, I found out they were mostly cat cafes. That was until I discovered The Pet Cafe by Velvet Friends, which had both cats and dogs! It instantly became part of my must-visit list. And when I got to fly the country this year, I made sure I checked it out, and snapped as many photos as I could.

Brace yourself as I would be sharing a ton of them in this blog post! Before that, let me list down a few tips on how to get the most from your visit. As this establishment housed cats and dogs, they set up a their own guidelines. It’s good to know that:

❀ Business hours are from 12:30 PM to 10:00 PM.
❀ Cover charge for the cat and dog rooms starts at PHP 220 per hour.
❀ Socks are required to enter both cat and dog rooms.
❀ Wear clothes that let you interact comfortably with the pets.
❀ Beat the heat by staying hydrated and bringing a personal towel.
❀ Visit in the evening if it’s too hot in the day.
❀ Take advantage of the cafe’s food and drink options.
❀ No flash photography.
❀ Be kind to both the animals, and staff.

Before visiting, I made sure to know more about the cafe. I was excited to read that it was “the prettiest place with the prettiest pets”. Good thing I packed the perfect dress to wear! Well, it was pre-planned for the most part! (Of course I could not resist wearing a dress I made to match such a cute cafe.) Needless to say, the cafe was nothing short of Instagram worthy! And I felt like with my dress, I belonged with the cafe. The only thing was that I should have worn shorts with it, especially when we moved to the dog room. FYI, the dogs were so much more energetic than the cats!

One of the things I truly appreciated about the cafe was that they had staff on standby, one for the cafe, and one for the rooms. Everyone was friendly and accommodating. I even had the pleasure to meet the owner who warmly welcomed each and every visitor. 

We visited in the afternoon so most of the cats were having their nap time. Some of the cats were in a cage. I asked the owner about this and he told me these were new cats being introduced to the group. The staff also showed me a few new things! He taught me how to properly carry a cat. And then he demonstrated how to do the "swing" trick, where you sit down on the swing, and wait for a cat to rest on your lap. Before we left the cat room, he even gave me some kitty treats to hand out. It was quite an experience since I have never owned a cat before!

All the cats were so well-behaved that it was easy-peasy to get photos of and with them. Everyone was so adorable! But it was not only the felines who looked fabulous, as the cafe also had these classy canines!

Full disclosure though. If we were to talk about fun and funny moments, the doggos win - hands down! I was exploring the cat room at such a comfortable pace that I was a little surprised when we entered the dog zone. Like the cats, some of the dogs were also asleep. But the ones who were up and about were so energetic!

Just a few minutes in, I realized I became some buddy's favorite! The adorable French bulldog, Daisy, would not stop following me around. She was so hyper that at some point I got a bit tired. But I was really having a blast with my new best friend. Forgive me for my reciprocal favoritism, but I don't think anyone can refuse such a precious pupper!

Daisy kept following me until we finally had to leave. I know I could have easily told people that she followed me home. I felt a little sad but I promised myself to visit Daisy, and The Pet Cafe once I get the chance to travel to the Philippines again. Meanwhile, let's both enjoy the memories captured in the photos, and even see Daisy and all the adorable cast in action! If you need a feel good video complete with cuddly cats and precious puppers, then this one is for you! 

Special thanks to my team - Neko for the photos, and Jam for the videos!

The Pet Cafe by Velvet Friends
2nd flr. Cluster H, Blue Bay Walk, Met Park, Pasay City, Philippines
Tel No. (02) 8345608

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