Gnoce Jewelry Review

The only piece of jewelry I like to wear is my grandmother’s gift, a ring to mark my high school graduation. 

I received it in 2006, and it has not left my right ring finger ever since. I try not to keep other trinkets, especially ones worn around the hands, as I like to be busy with work and would prefer “free” hands. However, this changed when Gnoce asked me to try out their items from their jewelry line.

The jewelry company is similar to Pandora. They offer .925 sterling silver bracelets, charms, and even necklaces. Simply put, you shop for a bracelet and decorate it with charms. I have never owned a Pandora before so I was excited to try out personalized jewelry through Gnoce. I was a bit overwhelmed with the choices, especially for the charms. They even had the cutest animal charms perfect for any pet lover! I ended up getting two kinds of bracelets and 5 pieces of charms. One of the charms was a photo charm. I was able to put a favorite photo on an already pretty and sparkly heart charm. I was excited to receive my package!

Delivery took about 3 business days from the time they sent me tracking number. When I opened my order, the packaging easily reminded me of another brand, Tiffany. Like the signature Tiffany blue, Gnoce uses a shade of cyan for their boxes. These were labeled with the company logo, with that clever ring serving as the letter “o”. The pretty presentation made me consider Gnoce as a high end brand. The big box contained a bracelet and charms, and the little box contained the additional bracelet. 

The big box contained a paper bag which could be used for gifting, and in it was a polishing fabric. The bracelet and the charms had their own boxes. The charms were individually packaged in their very own baggies. I inspected the charms box and found that a part of it could be lifted and used to present the charms as pictured. It’s a pretty set up, one that would have you admiring your chosen charms!

The bracelet that came with the set is a classic heart clasp (17cm), and the additional one is a heart and clover bangle (18cm). These come in different sizes, and instructions are available on how to get a proper sizing. I ordered the bangle a size bigger than the classic so putting it on and taking it off would be comfortable. 

Choosing my charms was a challenge! I had to give each and everyone of them a thought, because like my grandma’s ring, I prefer my jewelry to have meaning:

 Jack o' Lantern Charm: to represent my favorite holiday, Halloween, my love for horror movies and all things spoopy. 
 Obedient Dog Charm: to remind me of my dog who passed away, and to represent my general love for precious puppers.
 Horseshoe with Four Leaf Clover Charm: to represents my belief in the supernatural as in good luck! 
 Airplane Charm: to represent travel, as it is a significant part of my life, and also my love for adventure. 
 Crowned Heart Photo Charm: to remind me of my special person who lives faraway.

I think it is easy to guess which one is my favorite! Apart from being a beautifully detailed charm on its own, I was really amazed with the quality of the photo placed in it. It is such a sweet and sentimental piece. The other charms were also adorable, and wearing my personalized Gnoce bracelet makes me feel closer to these important parts of my life.

As for the bracelets, I love both the classic and bangle style. I like wearing them both and decorating them with my charms. But if I really had to choose, I would go for the classic with clasp closure. It might be a bit more difficult to put it on yourself but I feel the charms are more secured this way. 

To sum up, here is what I love about Gnoce:
❀ Easy shopping in their online website.
❀ Huge and growing collection of charms.
❀ Customization by adding photos and engravings.
❀ Fast and trackable delivery.
❀ Presentable packaging.
❀ Quick response of customer service.

How to choose charms:
❀ Choose a charm that represents you. It could be a hobby, a favorite, or anything that tells your story.
❀ Choose a charm that reminds you of a special person, place, pets, and even events. I highly suggest getting the easily customizable photo charms for gifts to your loved ones.

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I hope you guys enjoyed my review of Gnoce jewelry. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to comment down below. More photos after this line!

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