Pastel & Punk

Ahhhh, it's been a while! I seem to write the same intro whenever I resume blogging, but I am hoping this time I will be able to update more. I have missed doing fun looks, so one of the first few things I did, aside from sleeping and organizing my things, was this super colorful photoshoot at home! So take your pick, pastel or punk?

Pastel is not really my style, but hey it still is a fun look to do! I wanted something bright and cheerful, so I put together this outfit that reminds me of cotton candy. Truth be told, I am more of a closet pastel lover since I just want to try on the colors, and not really wear them outside. I think these baby colors clash with my warm skintone. But that's the fun thing with fashion, right? Even if I don't wear this particular style, I could still get creative with it, even if it's only for photos!

Speaking of style, I am happy to be able to put on my favorite - punk!

I could almost imagine my Sunday school teachers shaking their heads at the print but I just love this whole look! Now I only need California to cooperate and give me that perfect sweater weather. Meanwhile I am off to putting together more creative coordinates. Hopefully I get to hang out with my squad soon, and have fun with them with food and fashion.

I have so much to look forward to and that includes the reality show The Doll Life, which has been renewed for a second season. More details soon!

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