Midori Monday

I cannot believe that I missed out on posting anything for the month of May! I have just been so awfully busy with work and health issues. But here's a quick post on this outfit, featuring this corduroy jumper dress from Clothink.

This jumper dress is of a simple A-line cut. I'm 5'0 and this dress is short on me, which I like! If I wanted it a couple of inches longer, I could easily adjust the straps. As for the fit, I got a size small and it is baggy on me, which I think is the look to go for, when wearing this dress. It is made from corduroy, but is lightweight. It is comfortable to wear in sunny California, and with a thicker inner top like a knitted sweater and a pair of leggings, it would work for cool weather too. I like the color most, as it's a rich mustard yellow. I don't have a lot of yellow outfits, so this is definitely a lovely addition to my wardrobe. 

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