Purple Rain

It is devastating to have another music icon pass away. I thought I would do a simple tribute to Prince, the artist behind one of my favorite songs, Nothing Compares 2 U. I paired this outfit I received from SheIn with the Black Plum Rhapsody wig from Dolluxe, to celebrate his well-known song, Purple Rain. 

I have been loving textures lately. I usually stay away from solid colors but mixing textures hasbeen fun for me. This comfy sweatshirt has neat ridges that contrast with the soft feathery skirt. To 
complete the look, I wore this white wedges from Banggood.

Aside from the texture, I love the lace up detail of the sweater. I recently wore it to a festival during the day. My friends thought I was suffering from the heat because of it, but it was actually very comfy and cool. It helped that the fabric was white, and the cut was baggy. I have in size XS but you could pull-off a loose and lad-back look with it.

I usually give a perfect score for the items I receive from SheIn but I could not do the same for the skirt. The store labels it as beige but it is a really light cream color. More importantly, as the other reviews mention, the material does shed. The moment I took the skirt out of the packaging, I could already see leftover feather. Luckily, that was the most shedding that happened to it, though for sure I will be more careful when I wear it next time. I love the size, both waist and length, which to my surprise was an Asian XS. It fits me comfortably, with enough room left to tuck in the loose sweater. If only the material was better.

Overall, I still adore the outfit. The playful textures are fun while still be cool and comfy in California's warm weather. Best of all, I match with my plushies!

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