Kicking off the love month with this layered outfit with accents of fuchsia pink! It has been so windy today in California. I guess the windiest so far, in my five years of stay here. There was a storm in LA. Here in Mission Viejo though, we have been having light rain with strong winds. Whoa. Did I just make small talk? I find it weird talking about the weather when this is supposed to be an outfit post. But I should talk, right? Or do you guys simply skip into looking at the pictures?

I have always wondered what else I should write about when it comes to posts like this - well, aside from the details of the outfit, that is. Let's get that out of the way, and maybe I could end up talking some more:
Grey Hoodie Dress 18.88$ - She In (sponsored)
Ripped Denim Jacket 28.99$ - She In (sponsored)
Cute Devil Cap - ArtBox
Ripped Tights - Romwe
Lace up Booties - Go Jane
Rhapsody Wig - Dolluxe (sponsored)
Hello Kitty Mini Luggage - eBay

This is one cool looking hoodie dress. Its asymmetrical cut hides the butt, in case you don't want to wear shorts with it! Bear in mind that I am a short 5' ft though. The material is soft and thin, perfect to wear on its own during warmer weather, and of course, to be layered on, during winter.

This jacket is definitely one statement piece! I am more of a dress girl, so I never really thought I would care for outerwear as much as I do for this tattered masterpiece of a denim. The ripped sleeves and appliqué on the back are fun details that add to the uniqueness of this jacket. Tip: Get the largest size if want to go for this laid-back look, which is exactly what I wanted. This is the first time I've truly fallen in love with a denim jacket (I'm partial to pleather) and bought a piece of clothing that is not my size!

I wanted to play more into the overall punk-ness so I wore tattered tights. I added a pop of pink with my booties paired to my cap, HK mini luggage, and lips. I was going for Japanese street fashion, which I am planning to later contrast with a Korean fashion styling of the same outfit. Hopefully the weather won't be as gloomy so I could do an additional photo/videoshoot within the next few days.

When it comes to Japanese street fashion, I find that the overall look always has this wow factor. It might be from the cool and/or cute hair color, make-up, and/or a statement piece. If there's any style that could pull-off crazy colored contact lenses, it's definitely Japanese street fashion, especially now that animé is an inspiration for its fashion and not just cosplay. For this look, I wore i.Fairy Nova violet to match my rhapsody wig, which I made into fishtail braids. Circle lenses like these just look weird with bare eyes, so I put on Harajuku Honey lashes and style A bottom lashes from Rock-A-Lash to properly adorn them.

So that's pretty much it for this look! I will expound on this post when I do the Korean styling, which should be fun, as I am thinking of doing the photoshoot outdoors, which is what my boyfriend has been encouraging me to do. To be honest, as much as I don't care wearing this look outside, it's just such a hassle for me. I take my photos by myself that's why as much as possible, I want it to be in a controlled environment - no wig in my face moment. But Korean style is a lot simpler, and I would be able to wear my hair in a bun!

And there, I just shared that I have a boyfriend. Now it feels a lot strange knowing I've never really spoken of anything truly personal in my own blog. Actually I was just reading about Tricia G's engagement, where she expressed the same realization, that a blogger's real life is somewhat put in the back burner, in favor of the latest trends in fashion, make-up, etc. I'm not the first to notice this as this matter  has been touched upon by many other bloggers before, starting around 2010. Suddenly it's all about making your mark in various social media networks, creating your online identity, and getting followers and sponsors. To some extent, I have been living that life. Though I have managed to keep a healthy distance between my private affairs and the Internet. And yet these moments come, and I feel that maybe I want to write beyond that online identity. I want to share something meaningful.

I haven't really decided yet. For one I want to protect the people that matter to me from the pettiness of some people online. But then a part of me wants to reach out to those who might be on same boat as I am, relationship-wise. I am not the first girl to be in a long distance relationship and there are some nights I just want to share about it.

You know what's really interesting though? I found my boyfriend's old blog, and he wrote something so painfully sweet for a girl he once liked. I want to write with such honesty. Maybe next time.

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