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There are a very few moments in my life when I could sincerely say that reality finally exceeds fantasy. With its pastel interiors, dainty decor, and whimsical vintage collection, Stacy's Home Cafe is a dream come true for those who adore this aesthetic. But the restaurant is more than a life-size darling dollhouse. With its emphasis on home, it is a celebration of life and love.

With a pink bicycle parked right out of the cafe's window, Stacy's stands out from all the other nearby stores. Peak through the window and you would find a small garden with a mini tea set. These delightful details are enough to catch anyone's curiosity. And yet I walked in without having any inkling that it would be a lot more lovely than its facade led me to believe.

It was a cute and cozy spot. The 60's music playing in the background added a cheerful air to the charming ambience of the place. Aprons, teapots, flower vases, and picture frames gave off a vintage vibe while the banderitas and pom-poms added a festive feel. The counter occupied most of the space so there were only a few tables available. The main dining area was situated in the second floor.

The stairs lead to a well-lit, white room which was filled with wooden furniture, a pop of pastel here and there. Right across the stairs is the cutest bar counter, decorated with delightful and delicate tea sets, and all the other adorable things one would find in a little girl's play kitchen. And yet all this sweetness and softness so associated with femininity comes into a powerful contrast with some of the vintage posters on the wall, as a couple of them portray female empowerment. But contrast does not mean contradiction, nor clash. In fact these posters add to the general feel-good atmosphere of the cafe. (Take note of the funny coffee ad!)

Who would have thought that this pastel playhouse of Stacy's was inspired by a photoshoot? Angelique, one of the business owners and a props stylist herself, fondly explains how the cafe started off from a project that had her working on a pastel theme. Similar to how girls would gush on about their dream wedding day, planning the cafe brought about the same joy from Angelique and her friends. Being a professional in the creative department herself, it is no wonder how Stacy's successfully sets itself apart as a whimsical wonderland.

Aside from the charming country style furniture, Stacy's is adorned with vintage finds that the owners have accumulated through time, each with a story to tell. Some are even gifts from clients, while others belong to a much more personal collection. Displayed on one of its wooden shelves is this little green doll chair that Angelique inherited from her grandmother, Anastacia, the very person for whom the restaurant was named after.

"She was the kind of grandmother who had a pink house with red floors", Angelique's eyes sparkled. Her grandmother was one who never dwelled on problems, but sought to solve them. And should the problem be out of her hands, she lifted it up to God's grace. I could sense how much her grandmother has inspired her. Truly, Angelique was channeling her grandmother's positive outlook and love for life, and Stacy's was a reflection of it.

It is not only Angelique's personal touch that makes Stacy's feel like home. Abby, her business partner and a food stylist herself, handles the menu. If Angelique has her grandmother as her creative influence for the furnishings, Abby has her mother as the best chef and mastermind behind the recipes used in Stacy's. The home-cooked style food served in the restaurant are inspired by dishes prepared by Abby's mom for dinner.

Real Deal Nachos (275PHP) I love the simplicity of this dish. The nachos were separated from the mix so you get to enjoy their crunchiness. The ground beef was exceptionally flavorful. The creamy cheesiness went well with the crisp freshness of the lettuce and cilantro. I like that it had a sparse amount of onions. There was enough to taste but not a lot that you would end up with onion breath.

Spicy Lemon Shrimp Scampi with Angel Hair (235PHP) This one is my favorite out of all the dishes served. At first smell, I thought it was pansit Malabon. It might have been because of the shrimp, which you could really taste from the pasta. Overall, it had a nice spicy and sour kick to it, which balanced the saltiness from the shrimp. The angel hair pasta made it seem like a light meal but with the buttered garlic bread, it was filling enough for me. This one is definitely now part of my comfort food collection!

Homebaked Chicken Parmesan (245PHP) At first glance and taste, I thought that it was baked macaroni (and I did wish it was). But to be fair, I am not a big fan of tomato sauce on chicken. The upside though was how soft the chicken was, that you could easily dig into it (and mistake it as macaroni). 

Texas BBQ Ribs (265PHP) And yet again, I am not such a big fan of Texas BBQ. Or rather, I need to be in a certain mood to appreciate it. That said, I did like the sweet and tangy sauce. Unfortunately we were busy with the photos that we were not able to enjoy it while it was still warm. Despite that, the meat was still fall-off the bone good!

Pink Strawberry Princess & Candy Vanilla Milkshakes (125PHP each) Surprisingly, the strawberry milkshake did not really taste like strawberry, but more of cotton candy. It was not too sweet as the red and pink colors would suggest. However, I still like The Candy Vanilla Milkshake more (that I ordered another glass of it)! I am not so much into sweets but I am a huge fan of creamy goodness. Both milkshakes had a very smooth texture. I would say the consistency was just right, neither thick nor runny. A good milkshake for me meant that it was refreshing, and not the kind that left me wanting for water. The Candy Vanilla Milkshake is exactly that.

The home-cooked style meals contribute to the cozy and comfortable dining experience at Stacy's. Moreover, knowing that these dishes were similar to the ones lovingly prepared by the owner's mother (or anyone's dear mother, actually) adds a special charm to the food. Moreover, the heart-shaped cup of rice just makes the dish all the more endearing.

Aside from the cute and colorful presentation of meals, I enjoyed how Stacy's would serve this dainty mug of what I call "a child's delights" - iced gem, marshmallow, pretzel, and popcorn! It was such a treat. I could just imagine how amused kids would be to have this as part of their meals. Interestingly, kids have taken part in deciding what goes into Stacy's menu, as they were invited to do a taste test on the dishes. I find it a clever idea, and I myself would bank on a child's simple honesty.

But it is not only the food in Stacy's that has been kid-approved. Remember the mini garden in the first floor? It was intended as a play pen, an area where parents could take their children and have them host their very own make-believe tea party, while everyone else was catching up and enjoying their meals. I even imagine the matching pink rocking chairs would make for a good mother-daughter bonding time!

There is just so much love and care poured into Stacy's. Their focus on providing a cheerful and comfortable dining experience makes it the perfect place for gatherings and celebrations. As a customer and consumer, I feel very well-taken care of when owners devote time, resources, and their personal touch in keeping and managing their business. I truly feel at home at Stacy's.

Photography by Kei Villanueva and Stray Cat.

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