The Bunny Baker Cafe and Cake Studio

Not in Japan, but this cafe is certainly as cute as the ones there! 
I am in the Philippines for only a couple more weeks now. That is why I was happy to have stumbled upon The Bunny Baker Cafe and Cake Studio via Zomato. What could I say? I instantly fell in love with the place!

I had the chance to chat with the Bunny Baker boss herself, Miss Aila Sim-Yonzon, regarding the concept of her cafe and cake studio. "The moment people walk-in, I want them to feel that they're no longer in the Philippines!", she said beaming with pride. Sure enough, the cafe reminded me of the ones I have seen online, ones that are usually expected to be found in Japan, and have also become widely popular in California - Casey's Cupcakes, for instance.

The moment I walked-in, the first thing that caught my eyes were the bunny chairs! I found out from Miss Aila that these were especially customized for her cafe. But the bunny love does not stop there, as she collected and imported different bunny items to go with the theme. My favorite would have to be the salt and pepper dispensers.

If you're one to get so engrossed with details, you would love to look at the origami-shaped lighting fixtures she purchased all the way from the Netherlands.

I find the angular look of these lamps to be a curious contrast to the rest of Bunny Baker's curved surfaces, the bunny ear and cloud-shaped decorations. Before coming here, I asked Miss Aila if the photos of the place I found in Zomato were accurate - that the cafe was pink and teal, as I wanted to wear something that would match the place. And while my purple dress goes well with the other pastel colors, I was delighted to see how well I match with the starry purple sky ceiling!  

The Bunny Baker cafe is absolutely a visual delight! But it does not end there, as the food mirrors the cuteness of the place.

I had the matcha latte, corndog duo, matcha kohi jelly, and double scoop bunnylato. Bunny Baker does not only serve snacks, drinks, and desserts. For Filipinos, having at least one rice meal a day is a must! And this is where the embarrassing part comes in, as I was served their all-day breakfast meal, the Crispy Adobo Flakes, which I gobbled up mindlessly! I wasn't able to take a proper photo with my dSLR. Good thing I had the very Filipino habit of clicking food porn. I quickly snapped one to send and share (and yeah make my boyfriend salivate over) the dish!

Truth be told this was the first time I had this dish and I was in love! It was the one I kept coming back to, despite being served their delectable desserts. There was something so simple and comforting about it. 

I confessed this to Miss Aila herself. She told me that she first had the adobo flakes when her aunt made it for her. And this actually became the basis for the Bunny Baker menu. These are things Miss Aila loved to eat and would want to eat in a cafe, and she has her own chef to customize and cook these dishes. As for the name The Bunny Baker, it was an idea inspired by her very own carrot-flavored cupcake recipe!

The place is pretty. The food is good. And to know that The Bunny Baker carries the owner's personal touch makes this cafe all the more special. This hands-on approach is not limited to the cafe but is extended to the other half of the business, the cake studio where you could get your custom cake made and suited to your own events and celebrations. Speaking of which, I would really love to have my own tea party here someday, as the place is simply perfect for my dolldelight dresses!

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