Manika Makeover

I am finally launching Manika Makeover, a dolly transformation service where you get to be dolled-up by me in my dolldelight dresses, before I fly back to California, USA!

Manika means doll in Filipino. I was curious so I looked it up in Hindi and in that language, it translates "of jewels". The word seems to mean all kinds of pretty, which is what I aim to provide in the transformation! And since I love alliteration so much (Manika Manila), I feel so pleased I came up with a catchy name, haha! 

The service involves giving you a full dolly transformation. This means being dressed up in my own brand, dolldelight and in the available matching accessories which include Gothic Lolita Wigs, Dolluxe and/or Daiso false eye lashes set, and shoes. I am also offering eye make-up application since my dolly look involves huge dolly eyes. Of course all this prettification has to be photographed, which I will be doing for you as well! I am setting up a mini studio at home but we could also try High Street in BGC, Taguig.
I first offered the dolly transformation package in UP AME, a local convention in December 2014. My team helped me doll-up 13 girls!

Photos courtesy of Mariza Carpo, Romeo Encisa of Cosplay Network Philippines, and Chops Bardos Photography.

Prior to that, I was able to dress up Myrtle Sarrosa in dolldelight for her show in the Hero channel, iCosplay:

Actually, I was able to dress up Myrtle in several dolldelight dresses:

I even edited a dress to suit her then blooming sexy image for Showtime:

I was invited to do the same for a Filipina celebrity now based in Los Angeles, Giselle Toengi, for her show Kababayan Today:

I am still working on organizing the dresses for the service. So far I have 3 runway dolldelight dress sets and 2 casual dolldelight dresses. I had time to shop for additional materials to make bonnets, so I will be able to offer a variety of headpieces to wear with the dresses.

I hope you are as excited as I am. I won't be staying in the Philippines for long so if you have always wanted to wear dolldelight, this is your chance! To avail of this service, please sign up here! 

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