Kigu Kawaii Review

This is a bit of long overdue review for the product Kigu Kawaii sent me!

Kigu Kawaii is an online store based in Hong Kong. They sell cute clothing, cosplay costumes, and other anime and Japanese street fashion-related items. However, their main product is the kigurumi, the popular overalls/onesie that comes in different designs, be it animals or anime.

Since I already own a winter kigurumi, I wanted to get something that would suit a warmer weather, which is what the Philippines is having right now. I chose the Diane Cat Summer Kigurumi, which I have been referring to as a Luna kigurumi in a video I have yet to upload. Forgive me for my confusion, but sometimes Luna appears as a purple cat to me, so I have been more inclined to call it Luna, instead of Diane. Besides, Diane appears to be grayish-pink? Anyway, which ever it is, it is supposed to be a kitty kigurumi from Sailormoon!

The package was sent express so it arrived about 10 days from shipping, which was from Hong Kong to California.

The onesie is made of thin cotton-type fabric. If you wear dark undergarments, it would see through the pink part of the kigurumi. That said, it is perfect for warm weather. I love how it had pockets. It also had a zipper opening for the butt... lol I actually tried how convenient it would be to use the opening when you have to do your bathroom things but it wasn't really that useful!

My favorite part was the hoodie, which had Luna/Diane's face on it. The details are pretty to touch and look at!

I usually wear a size extra small or small, but since I wanted something that would be loose and comfy, I ordered my kigurumi in extra large. I thought it would be big on me as I am a shortie at 5 feet flat. I am glad it was as I expected it to be, comfortably loose!

I had a pleasant experience shopping with Kigu Kawaii. Since I now own one summer kigurumi, I think I want to get a couple more. It is simply the perfect piece of clothing when you want to relax at home. My purple wedges look really good with it though, and I've actually considered wearing it outside. :P

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