Hello Kitty Lounge

Grandma mode as I travel through (and suffer) an 11 hour layover in Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan, on my way to the Philippines. But hey look, a super cute Hello Kitty Lounge!
Whenever I book my trip to the Philippines, I always opt for Asiana as Incheon Airport in South Korea is a pretty place to have a layover. With that in mind, I decided to check other airports. I found out that Taoyuan had its very own Hello Kitty themed waiting area. It's C7 at Terminal 2.

Of course, they had two cute places made for kids in mind:

My favorite aspects of the lounge were the mural and the timezone/phone booth area:

It was a pretty cute spot! Though next time I would not allot as much as 11 hours to go airport exploring. lol

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