Ethereal Grace

To match this dress I made, I decided to create a veil as headpiece. 
I honestly did not have any idea of what exactly I wanted but I knew it had to have a lot of the delicate beige organza lace trim and dark brown organza flowers, which you could find in the dress.

You could say that I really love the lace trim! Aside from adding it to the border of the veil, I sewed 3 layers on the crown.

For the veil itself, I used soft crystal tulle that drapes beautifully. I added the organza flowers but I found that I did not like the gaps between the roses. For that I added satin flowers.

I have the habit of trying to match textures. Since I had satin flowers, I decided to make and add a few satin bows as well.

To top it off, I made a big bow from the tulle fabric. I know it can't be seen upfront but if you take a little bow as you would for poses, I'm sure that detail would be a lovely surprise!

As for the length of the veil, I decided it's best to make it until the shoulders. It might not be a bridal veil, but I am reminded of my Grandma's veil which she wears to church. 

It was fun making my very first veil! Now I have an idea of how to make another one for a princess wedding dress. And that's my next project. :)

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  1. This is a very lovely headpiece. Has a very country and delicate feel.