Artisano Studio Photoshoot

Presenting Miss Global Philippines 2014, modeling for dolldelight!

When I was vacationing in the Philippines, I had the chance to work with a very talented photography studio team, the Artisano, in Makati. It might not be the usual Japanese street style as we know it, but it is a refreshing take on “kawaii”. The model pulled it off beautifully!

Dress and headpiece: dolldelight
Photography: Jaro Necesito
Lighting: Kune Delgado
HMUA: Kristine Ramos
Model: Catherine Marie Almirante

I love the "high fashion" treatment they had going on for the photos. The lighting was perfect. You could both see the lovely features of the model and of course, the details of the dresses!

This one is such a fun and fierce look at the same time! I love how the dress silhouette, all thanks to the layers and layers of petticoat, is emphasized in her poses.

It was such a lovely experience working with the team. The model is a beauty queen, the hair and make up artist is a professional, and the two photographers are both tried and true masters of the field. And did I mention they are both my friends since I started dolldelight in 2008? I haven't seen them in about 4 years, after I moved to California in 2011. Talk about a reunion at last!

Looking at these photos, I start to miss my life in Manila. For some reason, I feel I get to do more out there. I feel more at home. But yes, I have my work here and I am hoping to get more of my dresses featured in proper photoshoots soon, especially the new collection for an upcoming fashion show.


  1. I'll see you soon on november in LA! :D

  2. What a beautiful model! These dresses look absolutely fantastic.