Kababayan Today

I was invited to Jannelle So's talk show, Kababayan Today

I realized I have not posted about the dresses I recently made. Here they are, along with my models for the show!

Pastel Cutie
Jane of pastel cutie told me this was her favorite dress I made so I named it after her. :D

Stephanie of Risu Kim modeled it for the show.

Petal Peach Parfait

Modeled by Emily aka dolly luna lovely. I'm pretty sure you remember her from My Strange Addictions. XD

And moi! I haven't thought of a name for this new dress I made. 
All our wigs are from Gothic Lolita Wigs!

And yet another nameless dress! Or perhaps I have forgotten the name?
Jane modeled this dress! Sadly there was a bit of trouble with the production team and we weren't able to have her in the show. :(

Moving on, I finally had the time to move some videos into my Youtube channel. These are my interviews featuring my brand, dolldelight! It's interesting how much I have changed, and hopefully progressed, as a designer. One major difference is that I haven't been making any punk dresses lately! I favor the doll fashion, for now. 

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