UNIQSO: iFairy Lucius Brown Review

 I'm finally catching up with all the reviews I should have done last time, yey! Today I am going to be reviewing iFairy Luscius Brown sponsored by UNIQSO.

Product Link: http://www.uniqso.com/i.fairy-lucius-brown?search=brown&page=7
Life Span : 1 Year
Diameter : 15mm (Effect : 16.2mm)
BC : 8.6mm 
Water Content : 55%
Power Range : Plano ~ -5.00D (-0.25 Step) -5.00D ~ -8.50D (-0.50 Step)

Dolluxe Lashes: All Dolled Up & Underlash B

Watch the complete review here:

And since I am going to be celebrating my 24th birthday, I decided to wear my bear themed dress. lol

It is still hours away from my birthday but I have already received my gifts! One gift that turned out as a surprise was the gift money from Gothic Lolita Wigs. I am not going disclose how much but it was enough to take care of my medical stuff and even my upcoming fashion show! I still could not believe it. I am just so grateful!

June has been such a troublesome month for me especially with my health. But I have been better. Knowing that people support and are willing to help also makes a huge difference. :)


  1. cute!


  2. Love the lenses !Your dress is SO cute and the hat is adorable C:

  3. Looks really cute! That bear hat is awesome and is a nice individual touch for the outfit! :)

    *Wonderland gone mad*

  4. The lenses look lovely on you & that outfit is so cute :3 I hope your health will improve!

  5. I'm not usually a fan of brown lenses since i have brown eyes myself, but these are so beautiful! I love the hat, it looks amazing with the dress~

    Hope your health improves soon!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  6. Brown is the most natural we can get, I think. I like its effect. Nice color :)
    I like your dress too! So cute :)

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  7. Kristiina LaaksoJuly 2, 2013 at 1:26 PM

    You look so cutee! :3 I love your blog! <3


  8. Really cute


    from head to toe

    I love lenses my only problem is I can't wear them for long time


  9. Woww so cute. Did you know you can earn points leaving ur review at soompi forums and win free pair of circle lenses if you submit your photos wearing lenses at uniqso?
    I just did =)

  10. They look so nice on you!
    So pretty♥ =D

  11. Soooooo cuteeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaa