DOLLUXE: Preview

I recently received my Dolluxe false eyelashes! Dolluxe is the sister/baby company of Gothic Lolita Wigs and Rockstar Wigs. The lashes are designed by Charles Reger, whom I was fortunate enough to meet last Anime Matsuri 2012. The lashes are made in Vietnam but the company is based in Houston, Texas. If you would look at the designs below, you would see how Dolluxe aims at providing lashes for a variety of fashion genres - Lolita, Gyaru, and Glam, to name a few!

I am still working on my make-up tutorials where I would be featuring the lashes. For now, have a preview of all 8 styles from Dolluxe!

Even the packaging is so cute! It features the models of Gothic Lolita Wigs. On the back, you could read the instructions on using and removing the lashes.

Each pack contains 3 pairs of eyelashes and a generic eyelash glue. A 3 pack costs 25$ but these are always available in singles. Here are the actual lashes:

So pretty right! If you want to take a closer look, here are the individual styles and their names, really creative I might add:

This set is available as a .gif here, please reblog if you like! XD

So that's it for the preview! I want to get really creative and detailed when I finally shoot the make up tutorials for these lashes. Which ones are your favorite? Which ones should I review first? :D Also, don't forget to like Dolluxe's Facebook page! I am sure they would be holding several giveaways and deals so be on the look out. ;D


  1. Lovely lashes *__*
    Thanks for sharing!!

    恵美より ♥

  2. awesome falsies design!

  3. Whoooaaa I'm attracted to it! I love falsies! They have great packaging too :)

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  4. How much are they when ship to here in PH? and how long does it take for you to receive the package? I want some other lashes XDD