Floral Crown Tutorial

Today I am going to walk you through my version of the floral crown. It's one of the headpieces that match a lot of fashion styles, be it goth or sweet. Let's do it!


2 Bouquets of Plastic Flowers
Measuring Tape
Head Form or your Head

I bought the flowers from Michael's Art and Crafts store. These are available in white, red, and peach. There are other flowers aside from roses so be sure to check them out, especially that spring is coming.

I am not using wires for this tutorial as the flowers themselves have it. These are actually pretty cool because you could bend and twist them as you like. The stems would function as connectors in making our crown.


Measure the circumference of your head. Since I am going to be wearing a wig with mine, I allotted two more inches.

Prepare four big pieces of flowers. These are going to be the "pillars" of our crown.

Twist the heads around each other.

Do the same to the other pair. Now we are going to connect these.

Use a smaller flower to connect each pair. Make sure that you space them enough to accommodate the measurement of your head. You could use as many rose connections as you want to achieve that.

Do the same to the other pair. Complete your circle.

Use the remaining flowers. Wrap them around the connections, creating a dense crown.

This is how it should look as you go along. Use the stems to reinforce the crown by wrapping them around the connections.

And you're done! I decorated mine with clip-on butterflies. :D

What do you think? Really easy, right? If you have questions, please go ahead and share them in the comments section. :)


  1. awesome! I'm gonna make this <3

  2. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. Really helpful! <3

  3. Really cool! Yes it seems easy hehe ... wait til I do it too. LOL. I'm sure I'll mess it up haha :) This one's awesome!

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  4. This is great!I was just wondering how exactly it that made :3 Thanks! <3

  5. I like! I think I will make one for myself! So pretty!

  6. this is fantastic I've been wanting to make one since Lee Hi did the music video for Rose !!! thank you thank you :DD

  7. Thank you for this simple yet awesome tutorial <3 By the way, where can I find Michael's Art and Crafts store? Thank you in advance :)

  8. This is really cool! The finished result looks a bit... extravagant for me though, I may try something smaller.